Smartway was founded with a single focus - transforming lives by empowering access to medicines globally. As a frontrunner in helping people live longer, healthier, and prosperous lives through accessible medicine, we stand against anything that harms the sanctity of human life, whether it be an illness or the senseless loss of life or injury caused by armed conflict. 

As we have been a leading provider of a diverse range of medicines globally, our team has known how precious life is. As with any conflict, the loss of life and injury is a serious concern to us. This is especially true of those civilian casualties who have lost family members, friends and even their homes.  

In light of the situation in Ukraine, Smartway decided in February 2022 to scale back its operations in Russia. We suspended all operations and new supplies being sent to Russia except genuinely essential medicine needed by patients under serious health conditions. We also suspended all advertising efforts in Russia with no further plans for investment until there is a cessation of the activities causing the loss of life. We will instead re-focus our efforts and resources on supporting Ukraine.

One thing that remains intact amidst all the chaos is our commitment to provide medical help to anyone who needs it and transform lives globally. Our entire team will aid the people of Ukraine by providing any routine and emergency medicines needed on priority, just as we have been since this conflict commenced. We will support Ukraine.